Privacy and confidential information

In compliance with the new law on GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation the law states what is to be done with private and confidential information.

Your privacy is extremely important.

Data or information that is held Name, Age and contact information such as an email address and the problem requiring the assistance. This will be held in a paper format which will be locked in a secure unit. This information will only be accessed by myself or if the client wants to see their own details. Any changes to the information such as a new email address will be updated on the form and locked back in the secure unit.

One to one sessions are recorded on an audio device which is stored on a memory stick which is kept in with the file in the locked unit. This is to safeguard all concerned in the therapy session. It may also be accessed by the client if given sufficient notice by the client and can be recorded onto a disc format should it be required by the client. This information may be used by myself for two main purposes. Firstly if i want to review what we have done so far in preparation for the client returning. Secondly if i want to reflect on my therapy effectiveness in order to learn from my experience.

This information will be kept private and confidential at all times unless under exceptional circumstances. These circumstances will be if it is deemed that the individual is at risk of hurting themself or others then other areas may need to be contacted. This information can also be disclosed should requested by the law. Any information that needs to be disclosed to other areas will be done with your knowledge except when it is classed as an emergency.

The information will only be disclosed under these circumstances only.